Your No B.S guide to get $100 instantly for free!


 You made it!

 Feels great to be here doesn't it? Let me cut straight to the chase so you can go on earning your passive income.

Let's hit things off with a KICK!
Kickex is a new cryptocurrency trading platform (still even in pre-launch).

 If you're like me (and millions others) that missed out on binance when they first tested cryptocurrency trading waters (their crypto is now worth $20 for 1), then I suggest you take this one seriously.

Remember "$20"? Yeah , kickex is giving out. Minimum of $20 to new members who signup before their launch! 

Let's go, time's a'wastin! Join Kickex now and claim your free $20!

Wtf is WCX?
Another cryptocurrency trading platform, but an older one as they've been in the business since 2017.

 You want to hurry up and grab you free bonus on this one as they offer $30 worth of Bitcoin meaning your welcome bonus reacts  to Bitcoin price changes.

For instance I got 0.0035 which was $30 at the time and now (at the time of writing this post)it's worth $32; NO TRADING JUST HODLING!

CLAIM yours now and profit from bitcoins rally even if you can't trade!

Hodl! Seriously HODL, your future self is gonna thank you!
These guys pay you just for keeping your crypto safe!

I was referred to this program by EFX (another site I think I trust 😀).

 All new members get a welcome bonus. It has dropped to $10 from when I registered ($20).

Want my advice? Claim yours now before they stop handing out these bonuses.

Join now and get $10, don't second guess, it might be taken down any minute from now!

You have nothing to lose honestly! So what are you waiting for? CLICK AWAY!!!

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