Why you should be earning from your airtime recharges

Do you have a bank account?

How often do you recharge your line from your bank account?

Do you earn from it? Have you ever wondered why your bank doesn't charge you for airtime recharge?

I mean like, they don't charge customers for airtime transactions quite unlike transfers and the like!

Well even I didn't piece things together until recently... Your bank makes a sizeable amount of money from your airtime recharges... SIZEABLE!!!

But we're not here to talk about how much your bank makes from your transactions; I have a better, more interesting topic to shed light on today;

Ever since the introduction of the web and the internet, a lot of businesses have moved their transactions online. And the telecommunication section is no different.

Now this is where things get crazy...

If you're going to read the next paragraph more than once to get the context, i strongly advice you do so.
Now this is an estimate from Nigerian communication commission (NCC).

"Telecoms Industry Revenue To Hit $2.4trn In 2019"

All those figures, all that money flow and you just gotta ask yourself..."How much are YOU (the user) generating from this "never-running-out" faucet?"

It's possible and please don't ask me if if it's legal.


Initially, I used the web app to recharge my line...it was good until they required an action to give customers "cashbacks".

I mean who does that, that's like a legal way to not give these customers what they promised...a cashbacks on every recharge!

I even tried it once; Igot to checkout page, help them put their "CODE" expecting a 5% cashbacks and then completed the transaction.

I don't know if it was the system that didn't calculate it well, but I don't know when 5% of #100 is #2 but let's leave that talk for another day.

While jumia one has a lot of good features like bonuses on bill payments and referral earnings, well they're starting to doworu!


Let's first set things straight!

 There's no online platform that's perfect (even PayPal is running from we Nigerians for a reason).

Using 3reebills comes with a lot of perks...and downsides. Let's start with the perks.

1) 5% cashbacks on every recharge

2) For some unknown reason, whenever I complete a recharge, except from the cashbacks, I get bonus 10% to call all networks (or same operator lines...I just know I make free calls for a while).

3) They offer cheap data packages.

4) In the case of bugs encountered when completing transactions on the site, you can reach their support team on WhatsApp and they'll see that your complaint is resolved.

5) They have an insane referral program that let's you earn on every of your downline's recharge!

1) The site is rather new so expect bugs when surfing through the site...but the admin has made provisions for this with their excellent support.

2) when I think up or remember any others I'll update but for now, I only got one con on 3reebills.

Look at 3reebills as a type and shadow of "Recharge and get paid".

 Only with 3reebills, you don't have to invest money some people are not comfortable with investing over the web.

3reebills Is free to use all you have to do is recharge/fill your wallet and then recharge your line from there (this I one feature I love about 3reebills that jumiaone doesn't have).

With jumiaone, there's a wallet; but it's only for your earnings on cashbacks.

 3reebills kills the show with an internal wallet where you can fill with as much money as you want once and then from that wallet, recharge your line in bits; if you like.
This is what I mean!

It's from this "recharging in bits" that users fill up their "cashbacks wallet". Why I love this feature is because you lose less money (if any) to bank charges on transfers and/ card transactions.
I do hope this is making sense to somebody...

I'll explain better;
... with jumiaone, you have to move a sizeable amount to your "line's account balance" once, if you're going to get any reasonable cashback to your cashback wallet to recharge your line later.

Now if you don't move it once, you might incur charges when you use your ATM card or bank to recharge your line's account balance.

With 3reebills it's different;

You can move that sizeable amount to your internal wallet (this isn't your line's account balance) and recharge your line's account balance in bits while earning on cashbacks (don't forget cashbacks have their own wallet).

So the choice is yours now, which one can you deal with? You can learn how to use 3reebills platform reading this helpful post!

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