Legitimate ways to make money online (passive income) in Nigeria

+Hello there,

  I have been on the web for quite some time, infact I regard the web as my home because it has literally taught me MOST of the things I know.

   When it comes to making money online, I can proudly say I know a lot of of ways even a beginner to the web can earn "little cash" and later go on to earn a "considerable amount of money" online.

  I started this blog so I could share my experience and successes with others like myself who wanted to earn a living online and/ earn some side cash from the web.

   I'm not much of a blogger though, I feel it's time consuming and depressing, lol!

So without wasting much of your time, let's move on to the good stuff!

 how to make money online for free

  I will start with the free methods of making money online so anyone who's reading this won't necessarily need to invest their money in something they're skeptical about (...admit it, everyone is skeptical at some point about giving their hard earned money to someone they have never met before!)

  After the free ways to earn money online, I believe you should have tested the waters and gotten to the point where you're convinced that the internet is one big money making machine considering how many investors are keenly interested in it.

   It's at this point we would "go hard or go home" and learn about earning a considerable amount of money online.

So let's dive in, I'm gonna start with the pretty-much free opportunities! 'Pretty-much free...' in the sense that you can earn without the initial investment but in the long run you would have to invest to withdraw/ progress to another level in the program!

📛📛📛Note: All the sites listed on here are legit and have been tested by yours truly (if not I won't be seeking space in someone else's blog, lol). Be rest assured that no one is going to carry your money and Jápà! 

  The programs listed below also have an option to upgrade to premium (which costs money) but we'll be focusing more on how to earn money online for free.

Bonus earning:
   I so much love cryptocurrencies, they're like a means of storing value that might imminently become more valuable (I don't even know if that makes any sense to on!). Here's some of the ways to earn bitcoin:

make money online without investment

*Freebitcoin: You can earn bitcoins here through the mainstream way or if you're not afraid of gambling; make more Bitcoin through gambling ( I could teach you how to win most of the time).

Start making money on freebitcoin now

*Cointiply: You can have fun with this program while still earning! They offer a lot of games (the fun part of working on this site), surveys, ptc ads etc.

Start making money on cointiply now!

* The earning programs listed below are not in any particular order, so choose the one that best suits you!

Numero Uno (Number 1) (for Nigerians)
   You must've heard of this site at least once if you browse the internet a lot (or if you have been searching Google for online earning opportunities in Nigeria).

 You can earn from this site by referring people to the program. The upside is you can refer and earn without actually depositing the investment fee initially. The restriction being you won't be able to withdraw until you invest.

  •••> Sign up now <•••
Coolnaira review
A screenshot of what the site looks like so you don't get directed to a psiphon site!

Number 2
  Minenaira (for everyone):
Minenaira is relatively new considering the fact that it was started in 2018. I've known this site since I started working on Nnu, someone introduced me to it but I didn't take it serious then not until recently.

Here's the good thing; the risk to reward involved is positive. Let me teach you how I earn without exhausting too much data (...or not).

Here's what you'll need: chrome browser, access to the internet, Airtel Sim etc.

FIRSTLY, get an Airtel Sim (you can purchase one here or just get one anywhere) and migrate to Airtel Smarttrybe.

Subscribe to the their night plan which costs #25 for 250mb (you can even use this same sub on two phones)

Go to the site and "start mining cash" from 12am to 5am with your Smarttrybe night plan. If you can leave the tab open, and prevent your screen from locking, you should be able to make #300 every NIGHT, (you can repeat the process during the day at normal data charges).

So you see, you spend #25 to make #300 every night, isn't the risk to reward profitable?

There's an added advantage with minenaira, you can refer people from all over the world as long as they have PayPal accunts, they will get paid! You don't have to limit yourself to only
Nigerians, I've referred indians, Americans and people from other parts of Africa and so far so good, none of them seems to be having a problem with the site (I keep a close contact with them)

Here's an example of an American who's making money from Minenaira!


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Number 3 (for Nigerians)
This particular one I seemed to loved so much! It's super easy; all you need to do is register an account, settle the investment fee, Login ( earn #50 ), post sponsored posts on your Facebook wall (as you can see on my Facebook timeline)( earn #100 ), post relevant forum topics ( earn#100 earn) ,reading posts on the site ( #2 per post). 

See!!! Easy!!! I prefer this, if you're looking to make a steady income online or even use it to replace your 7-7 day job.

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Is nnu legit or scam


Number 4
  Affiliate marketing (for everyone): I can't stress this one enough; If you want to make money online, you really need to consider being an affiliate/referral.

There's a lot of money changing hands on the internet! Don't miss out, since I've even shown you a way to get free traffic, you can give this a try.

 Even this post you're reading has some affiliate links that when an interested user clicks on them and carries out a special action, I get commission; see easy as ABC. You can find out more about affiliate marketing using this link.

In the meantime, here's some of the affiliate program I'm registered to ( advice is to stick to a maximum of 5 programs, anything more than that and you'll be putting yourself through unnecessary stress...if at all you'll be able to get anything worthwhile done).

Number 5
 Advertising campaigns: This is currently where I make the most of my money online from, you don't need to be too tech savvy to understand this, I will break it down for you below.

Quite unlike Facebook or any other paid ad platform, I will teach you how to generate traffic for free and with little to no technical skills (the average web user should be able to copy and paste right?) !

I'm talking a minimum of 50,000 unique views per month. So all you have to do is find a media where you can paste code from publishing campaigns and then direct your free traffic to that media. Very simple!

But I don't want it to cast! It's a grey hat technique (not black hat) so if you want me to teach you, you're going to have to pay #5000. It's not for everybody, If I teach everybody, some will abuse it and it will eventually get banned!

I promise you that after you learn this trick, if you're not able to multiply that initial investment by 6, I'll give you back your money!

Number 7
  Trading forex and other financial securities:
  The risks involved in trading financial instruments is very high and if you don't know what you're doing, you could even lose more than you bargained! Forex is simple, overcomplicating it is the problem but this doesn't mean one shouldn't know the basics and stuff.

 stock trading for beginners
Day trading...hah! Why a wonderful world!

If you're interested in learning how to trade financial instruments profitably, send me a descriptive message on WhatsApp.

For now, those are the ways that I make money from Nigeria and abroad. So far so good, I've been using these sites for a minimum of 2 years and they haven't given me a cause to worry yet.

 If you join and they run with all of us money, then you're the one with bad luck, lol.

    See you at the top! 

How to make US dollars

  P.S you can message me on WhatsApp and ask me any questions related to this post and I will be glad to help; click here to join my WhatsApp group

  Disclaimer:  Me am not a blogger oh! And I don't know how to compile posts like bloggers, I just hope I've passed a message along to those who are sick and tired of living someone else's life and ready to live theirs...THEIR WAY! 


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