How to recharge your line using 3reebills

If you haven't read the previous post on understanding this platform, I strongly suggest you do.

"Funding your wallet" shouldn't be so stressful as long as you have a good browser and strong internet connection.

Click on Fund wallet.

Enter the amount you want to use to fund your wallet (give room for small charges to be deducted...SMALL CHARGES!).

Then you'll be directed to a payment gateway page (paystack's) . Enter your card info or bank info and verify your account (whichever method you choose to complete the transaction with...pretty much just follow the prompts).

Complete the payment and you wallet will be filled once the system confirms your payment.

You can then move on to "top-up your data" or "airtime recharge" with your recently funded wallet.

 If you encounter any problems contact their support ( I outline how to do this in the related post) or hit me up (whichever you're more comfortable with!

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