How to make money trading stocks

  Hello fellow online earners, today I'd like to shed a little light on something,

... something that has has been on my mind for a while now,

... something that has ruined a lot of traders,

   ... something that has earned a lot of margin calls to itself, something that has dried up trader's portfolios...

How to make money trading stocks

  There's  this myth in the world of online security trading; "...If you don't keep learning constantly, you can never be profitable in trading securities".

Now let me first state facts, the real truth is no one can actually improve themselves if they don't continually invest in themselves!

 Read a good book, watch online videos, follow a mentor on social media...the most important thing is try as much as possible to read almost every resource you can lay your hands on!

This might sound crazy to a lot of people but has it ever occured to you that all these things (the information/knowledge you've been gathering) would conflict each other?

How to make money online

I mean there's a lot of information available to just about anyone on the internet all you need is "search intent". What if all this information would conflict themselves and go on to later draw you back!

I've been trading financial instruments for a while now and I've pretty much tried to keep myself in touch with the latest strategies, newest indicators, the latest trading hall of famer, the most recently updated momentum indicator, the new tweaked moving the end of the day, all it did to me was make me clueless!

Yeah you read that right, I was clueless! Turns out every time I opened a chart to use my new learned skill along with the ones I had developed, I was always predicting wrong and it was frustrating.

How to make money trading stocks

It even led me to abandon trading for a while and learn something new; new ways to make money online. But I've always had a soft spot for trading so I determined I was going to try again and find a solution to my constant losing trades.

So what did I do? Stuck to the most basic form of reading and predicting market movements; Support and Resistance levels accompanied with momentum indicators.

Believe me, it worked like a charm, now all the other information I learned that was giving me problems is still in my head but I mostly use them to identify market bias while I use my trading system to read and execute trades.

Long story short, what I'm trying to say is, gathering all the information/knowledge in this world would just make things complicated and seem overwhelming! Why not just try to keep things simple?

The simpler the better!

Although, you might have your own strategy, I want you to try something for me (we traders are like scientists, we carry out experiments), try simplicity! Don't use all that complicated trading info, go with SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE LEVELS !

This won't sound like much sense to the beginner but it's everything to a seasoned trader, I just hope the beginner doesn't learn the hard way, I mean that's the whole intent behind this post.

And if you still don't know how to trade yet, hit me up, who knows, I could teach you for free!


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